About Us

As a part of ACM Athanatos Publishing Group we offer a reproduction of Charles Dickens’ book “A Christmas Carol” with its original illustrations, and we can customize it for you by letting you write your own foreword. Also, if you really want something that is unique for your production, we can design a custom cover for the book. Your patrons would really enjoy the special touch.

ACM publishes under three imprints. Athanatos Publishing Group is our most traditional platform. Our Paley, Whately, & Greenleaf Press is our place for partner-publishing, which is the closest we come to offering self-publishing services. Finally, Suzeteo Enterprises is used for certain, select works.

Some of the books we publish are also used in our apologetics library club. Some of our academy courses are or will be taught by our authors using their own textbooks published through us. Many of them are entered into one of our writing contests. Some of our authors talk about their work in one of our apologetics conference talks. The contests and conferences were recently consolidated into our local arts festival. To find out more information we encourage you to visit www.AthanatosMinistries.org.